What is this?
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Who is it for?
  • People searching for ASMR videos

    This website might help you, if

    • YouTube's search doesn't find what you want and keeps suggesting the same videos or channels.
    • You want to filter out some triggers because you don't like them.
    • You want to try new triggers.
    • You want more control over your search.
  • (New) ASMRtists

    You can use this website to catalog and promote your videos and help people find you.

    See Information for ASMRtists for more information.

  • Fans of ASMRtists and people who want to help the community with cataloging videos.

    You can go through your favorite ASMRtist's videos, add and tag them to help promote their channels.

What does ASMR mean?
The Wikipedia page on ASMR says this: Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.

Don't worry if you don't get ASMR. There are many triggers to try and many videos can also be used just for relaxation or background noise.

What are the rules for content on this website and why?
While we respect all content creators and value their work, there are some rules for channels and videos that will be accepted on this website.

Some of these rules might change as the website evolves. Some are in place so that we don't get overwhelmed with content only tangentially relating to ASMR and some so that we stay out of controversies and unnecessary drama around ASMR.

You may not agree with all the rules and we're open to suggestions and civilized debate about them, but please respect them.

  1. ASMR content only
    • Only add channels containing almost exclusively ASMR content. Don't add an ASMRtist's vlog channel, unless most of the videos are also ASMR.
    • Only add ASMR videos. Don't add blooper or behind the scenes videos unless they're ASMR videos.
    • Don't add Instagram mashups or re-uploads of videos from other ASMRtists.

    Many YouTube videos use the word ASMR in their name. While it is not our place to say what is and what isn't and ASMR video, please consider carefully whether the video you want to add can be considered as ASMR content or only uses the term to ride the popularity wave.

  2. Beginners and bygones
    • New channels are welcome, as long as the channel has been active for at least 1 month and has at least 5 ASMR videos.
    • Some very good ASMRtists are inactive, but their content remains on YouTube. They're welcome as well.
  3. No Child-owned content
    • Please don't add channels owned by people under the age of 18 years and videos with only children in them.

    We support young ASMRtists, but to stay out of any unnecessary drama we do not allow content made by people under the age of 18 years. If the channel is owned by an adult and the video has an adult present, then there's no problem.

  4. No Drama
    • Please think before you add videos with controversial themes or strong personal opinions.

    We want this website to be a place of relaxation. While we like videos that help you learn new information, we don't want ones with controversial themes or personal attacks. Please consider this when adding new videos.

  5. No Erotic content
    • Please think before you add videos where the body and actions of the ASMRtist are more important than the ASMR.

    We support all kinds of content made to create ASMR tingles. However ASMR content that can be perceived as erotic is problematic for the ASMR community. We'd also prefer if you didn't add ear eating videos for now.

  6. Minimal Food eating
    • No mukbang content. No videos containing only animal eating.
    • Don't add videos where eating is the main content. Taste testing is ok. Always tag the video appropriately.

    Again, we support all kinds of content made to create ASMR tingles. But we think that videos with eating and making loud eating noises into a microphone are a separate thing and use the ASMR term only for its recent popularity. This position may change in the future, but to prevent getting overwhelmed by mukbang videos we don't allow those for now.

What are the rules for tagging videos?
  • When adding tags to a video, please consider these:
    • Tag what you see or hear in the video, if only for a short portion of its whole length.
    • You can almost treat the tags as a warning. If there's any eating, tapping or whispering in the video, please tag it.
    • Try to use already known tags.
    • Don't forget to use tags from the People, Voice (and preferably Type) categories.
  • When creating a new tag, please
    • Be careful with spelling.
    • Only use capital letters where they belong. Ordinary tags don't begin with a capital letter.
    • Don't use subjective terms such as 'good' or 'relaxing'.
    • Try not to be too specific. Think if the tag you're adding could be found in at least two other videos.
    • Try not to use brand names and memes.
    • Think about what category to use for the tag.
My question is not listed here, where can I ask it?
Please contact us to ask any questions about the website.