Adding a new video or channel

Please only add a video if you intend to add tags to it. The purpose of this catalog is to search for videos using tags. If you don't add tags to your videos, they won't be found.

If you want to add a video, please Log in.

Basic rules for channels and videos

While we respect all content creators and value their work, there are some rules for channels and videos that will be accepted on this website. See the FAQ for detailed information.

  1. ASMR content only
    • Only add channels containing almost exclusively ASMR content. Don't add an ASMRtist's vlog channel, unless most of the videos are also ASMR.
    • Only add ASMR videos. Don't add blooper or behind the scenes videos unless they're ASMR videos.
    • Don't add Instagram mashups or re-uploads of videos from other ASMRtists.
  2. Beginners and bygones
    • New channels are welcome, as long as the channel has been active for at least 1 month and has at least 5 ASMR videos.
    • Some very good ASMRtists are inactive, but their content remains on YouTube. They're welcome as well.
  3. No Child-owned content
    • Please don't add channels owned by people under the age of 18 years and videos with only children in them.
  4. No Drama
    • Please think before you add videos with controversial themes or strong personal opinions.
  5. No Erotic content
    • Please think before you add videos where the body and actions of the ASMRtist are more important than the ASMR.
  6. Minimal Food eating
    • No mukbang content. No videos containing only animal eating.
    • Don't add videos where eating is the main content. Taste testing is ok. Always tag the video appropriately.