Here are some of the things you can do on this website:


Search terms can be entered into an input field with an autocompleter that will suggest existing tags and channel names. The autocompleter can be controlled using the mouse or cursor keys and pressing either Enter or Tab. Esc closes the autocompleter. If you search for a term that is neither a tag nor a channel name, the video title is searched for the presence of the term.

Tags and video titles can be used as a search term in these 3 ways:

To add a forbidden tag using the autocompleter, just type the - sign and start writing the term you want added (leave no space between the sign and the tag). Click the term on the list or use arrows and press Enter or Tab. Then press Enter or the Add search term button to add the term to your search. Use the | sign to search for any of the tags entered this way.

You can click on tags present on the page. Normal click adds the tag as a required tag, Shift-clicking a tag adds it as an any (|tag) and Ctrl-clicking adds it as a forbidden (-tag).

If you enter multiple channel names, the results will be from any of the channels entered. You can also forbid channels from appearing using the - sign.

There is also a simple wizard that will go trough some of the tag categories and will let you select from the most used tags, as well as tell you the basics of searching.

Here are the types of search terms currently supported:
  1. Tags - keywords assigned to individual videos by users of this website.
  2. YouTube channel names
  3. Video titles
  4. Video length
    • >20 to search for videos longer than 20 minutes.
    • <40to search for videos shorter than 40 minutes.
    • ~10 to search for videos around 10 minutes long. The spread is ± 4 minutes.
  5. When was the video published
    • >2016 to search for videos published after the year 2016.
    • <2014 to search for videos published before the year 2014.
    • ~2015 to search for videos published in 2015.
  6. Special search terms (Login required)
    • FAV Videos in favorites, -FAV Videos not in favorites.
    • FOL Videos on followed channels, -FOL Videos on not followed channels.
    • SEEN Videos you have seen, -SEEN Videos you have not seen. A video is marked as seen if you click on its thumbnail when viewing its tags.

Filters (Login required)

You can save your Search as a Filter for later use and even set a Site-wide filter.

There are two ways to create a new filter. You can either use the Save this search button on the Search page, or the Create a new filter button on the Filters page. Once pressed you'll enter the Filter editing mode.

You can load your saved filter by clicking on its name in the Filters page. It will replace your current search terms with the ones stored in your filter and show the results.

Site-wide filter

One of your filters can be selected as a Site-wide filter that will apply for all video searches on the website. It can also be activated or deactivated using a checkbox on the Filters page.

This lets you block videos with tags you don't like. For example if you create a filter with the tags '-fabric sounds' and '-scratching' and set it as your Site-wide filter, then the search results will never contain videos with these particular tags in them.

Or maybe you're only interested in whispering videos. It's up to you what you want blocked. Just remember you might miss some videos because of your Site-wide filter.

Filter editing mode

The Filter editing mode works the same way Search does, so you can add or remove search terms and get the results right away. When you're satisfied with your filter, you can enter its name and press Save.


View the list of channels currently known on this website. If you click on a channel name, you'll get some statistics about it and the list of tags used in videos on this channel.

If you want to add a new ASMR channel, you can do so by logging in and using the Add menu.


The tags are divided into these categories:

people -
Who is present in the video.

voice -
What kind of voice do the artists use.

type -
What type of video it is.

sound -
Sounds and audio triggers present in the video.

language -
Languages spoken in the video or accents used.

visual -
Visual triggers present in the video.

tech -
Technology or techniques used to produce the video.

location -
For outdoor videos, this is where the video was taken.

activity -
Individual activities the artist is performing.

content -
What objects are used, what content is in the video or what series is it a part of.

character -
Which recurring characters are present.

Add (Login required)

Any logged in user can suggest a new channel or video. A Curator or a channel owner can also add videos and resolve video suggestions for any channel or their channel respectively.

When making suggestions, please adhere to the Basic rules for channels and videos as listed on the Add page and elaborated on in the FAQ.

To add (or suggest) a video just enter its address (URL). If you just want to suggest an ASMR channel you like, please select one of its typical videos and suggest it.

Suggesting a channel or a video

When your video was found on YouTube, you will be presented with information about the channel on which it has been published. If the channel itself hasn't been added to this website yet, you can suggest it.

You will also see a thumbnail of your video and if it isn't on this website yet, you can suggest it as well.

After you've made your suggestion, it can be reviewed by people with appropriate permissions and will either be accepted or rejected.

Video details

The video details page shows some basic information about the video and its tags. Clicking the thumbnail will open the video on YouTube.

If you're logged in, you can also favorite the video and mark it seen or unseen. And most importantly, you can add or suggest the tags.

Enter the tag you want added into the input field. Please adhere to the Tagging rules.

If it is an existing tag, you can select it using the autocompleter same way you would when searching for videos. If it is a new tag, you'll have to select its category after adding it.

You can cancel your suggestions until they're resolved by people with appropriate permissions.

I don't understand something or want to ask something

Please contact us to ask any questions about the website.